Basic NeedsArrow

We identify orphanages where children suffer from malnutrition and poor hygiene. We conduct medical camps there to address their immediate medical needs. We educate them and introduce them to good hygiene practices. We pay the local milk/egg vendors on a monthly basis, to ensure that the children get a fairly balanced diet. We observed that lack of proper toilet facilities and sanitation is a common problem in most of the orphanages. We have constructed toilets for these places.


We believe that education is the key to one's success. Books are the wings that liberate people who are confined by the limitations in their lives. Our ambitious plan is to establish a chain of libraries in rural parts of India. So far we have opened one library. Our libraries function as a place where children realize that reading can be fun and enjoyable. Our ongoing literacy efforts include - identifying villages that would thrive when we introduce a library in their lives and sponsoring college education for bright kids from poor families.

The DisabledArrow

After taking a closer look at the world around us, we have learned to count our blessings. We are thankful that we are physically and mentally fit. We are compassionate towards people that are not quite like us. We try and make a difference in their lives, by visiting them once in every few months. We share our time with them in creative ways that challenge their senses. We try and break the monotony in their lives. We make our visits entertaining, enriching and invigorating.